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The challenges we face as industry and community can be better met through partnerships. No single sector or organization has the capacity to meet the multi-dimensional issues on their own. Working in partnership with the Business Industry Group can help you as a business, educational institute or community organization through:

  • Effectiveness: Creating more appropriate products and services for your clients;
  • Access to knowledge: Mitigating risk and reducing potential mistakes by greater understanding of the operational context;
  • Access to people: Drawing on a wider pool of technical expertise, experience, skills, labour and networks;
  • Reputation and credibility: Achieving genuinely earned organizational reputation and greater credibility in the community;
  • Efficiency: Reducing (by sharing) costs and avoiding duplication;
  • Human resource development: Enhancing professional skills and competencies in the work force;
  • Long-term stability and impact: Achieving greater ‘reach’ by being efficient and effective means an expanded sustainable development impact. This is a direct objective of government and civil society, but also critical to the sustainability of business;
  • Innovation: Developing unexpected / new ways of addressing old issues and complex challenges.

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