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About Us

The BiGroup is a not-for-profit organisation operating under the auspices of the WynBay Local Learning and Employment Network.

WynBay LLEN is one of 31 independent LLENs in Victoria funded by the state government and established in response to the Kirby Report in youth employment outcomes; its primary focus is to improve the education, training. apprenticeship and employment opportunities for young local people.

The BiGroup was established after a need for great stakeholder connectedness was identified by WynBay LLEN directors; our aim is to uniquely focus on improved structured workplace learning and apprenticeship opportunities for young people living the western Melbourne municipalities of Wyndham and Hobson’s Bay.

Facilitated by high level professional managers with decades of local experience, the BiGroup offers membership and sponsorship packages to companies through a process of invitation or recommendation, however we invite any interested business to make contact to express an interest.

Barry Harvey, AM

Chair - WynBay LLEN & BiGroup

Barry Harvey AM is a founding member and the Chair of WynBay LLEN, a position he has held since 2000. Barry is currently the director of Aeramix and has held numerous community and business board positions including being Chair of LeadWest and Rotary clubs.

Barry was founder and then Managing Director of Austco Polar Enterprises, one of the largest cold storage logistics operations in Melbourne and based in Laverton. He is nationally recognised as one of the foremost experts in meat refrigeration and processing. 

Barry has worked for the betterment of young people and communities all his life. Mr Harvey brings to his role over 30 years of experience in business and community boards governance. 

Jennie Barrera

Deputy Chair - WynBay LLEN & BiGroup

Jennie Barrera is the Deputy Chair of WynBay LLEN and CEO of the Wyndham Community & Education Centre, a position she has held since 2007. Prior to this, she worked in Government, Secondary Schools and the Adult Community Education Sector.

Jennie has worked with vulnerable learners including disengaged youth and refugee and migrant communities since the late 70s when she commenced work in State Government. As CEO of the Wyndham Community & Education Centre, Jennie is particularly focused on ensuring vulnerable learners are provided with opportunities to pursue education and training that leads to employment and personal well-being.

In 2009, Jennie received a Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence and in 2012 was selected as one of 40 People of Australia Ambassadors under the Gillard Labor Government providing input to the Australian Multicultural Council.

Dallian D'Cruz

CEO - WynBay LLEN & BiGroup

Dallian D’Cruz is the CEO of WynBay LLEN, the position he has held since 2008. With a background in materials engineering, Dallian has enjoyed an extensive career in manufacturing, applied research, federal government and the not-for profit sectors.

Dallian has worked with vulnerable learners including disengaged youth and refugee and migrant communities across Victoria. As CEO of the WynBay LLEN, Dallian project directed the $ 18 million Trade Training Centres to further vocational education and post compulsory training in the West of Melbourne.

As a passionate advocate for young people and their communities, Dallian brings his vast cross sector partnership experience approach to the Business Industry Group. 

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